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FAQ: Should I kickstart with a shake diet?

Should I kickstart with a shake diet?

Few things are more infamous in the health and fitness world than shake diets. There are a number of brands on the market, but they all focus on the same thing…extreme weight loss. The desire to drop weight this quickly is completely understandable, particularly if you feel you have a lot of weight to lose, have had a tough time losing weight in the past or are desperate to see some changes. Despite the inevitable rapid weight loss, is a shake diet really the right choice?


FAQ: Will lifting weights make me bulky?

Will lifting weights make me bulky?

This question has been asked and answered many times over the last few years and despite the insistence that weights wont make you bulky, there is still some reluctance to believe it. The reason for this reluctance is because we regularly see guys or gals in the gym lifting weights and, indeed, bulking out. So, therefore, if they are getting bulky then we worry that it will happen to us too. Well, of course, it can, but there are some pretty specific reasons why they are getting bulky and you wont. (more…)

FAQ: What snacks can I have?

Snacking Made Simple

One of the areas I get asked the most about is snacking. It can be difficult to know what to snack on or when, but let’s be honest the real questions is, “can I have the sort of snack that I really want??” Be it chocolate, a biscuit or a slice of cake, of course we can squeeze in the odd goodie! Let me tell you how I balance it out. (more…)

Is HIIT training the best for fat loss?

In January fat loss is high on the agenda for most of us so naturally we want to know what is the most efficient way to burn those extra festive calories. In recent years HIIT training has been hailed as the premium exercise method for fat loss and for good reason! 15-30 minutes of HIIT training will get our heart pumping and keep our metabolism burning calories long after we have stopped working out. However, does that mean it is better than all the rest?


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