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4321 Members Challenge Leader Board

The first 4 weeks of the 12 week 4321 Members Challenge have been completed so I felt it was the perfect time to have a look at the leader board! Before we do that though lets just have a quick reminder about the rules and what is up for grabs at the end of the 12 weeks!

4321 Members Challenge Workout 1

Here we go the first of the 4321 Bonus workouts and the start of the 12 week 4321 Members challenge! Woohoo! To kick things off complete the following workout in the fastest time possible:
Froggers x 12
Leg lifts x 12
Walkouts x 5

Complete this loop 8 times!


Bringing back greatness in 2017!

In 2017, it is my mission to bring back greatness! What does that mean? It means we are moving away from short term, lack lustre goals, that often leave us feeling more disheartened than anything else. The daily, weekly, monthly battle to lose weight is one that so many of us struggle with regularly. Therefore, instead of focusing on calorie counting, food restriction and excessive training I want the focus to shift to skill sets that add value to our life in every way, including weight loss. (more…)

Why empowering everyone to live diet free is so important.

My mission as a fit bird and as the owner of The 4321 Method® is to empower everyone to live diet free forever! I know this is a bold statement and one that many will not believe is possible, but after years of working with all different types of people I can confidently say it not only works, but is life changing, especially for women!


Giving up the guilt

We all know the feeling of the guilt, the shame and disappointment of breaking our healthy eating plans! Frustrated after doing so well all day, but failing just as someone cuts the cake or opens the biscuit tin! Don’t worry, the message this week is not about finding new ways of punishment for our lapses, it is quite the opposite, it’s about giving up the guilt!