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The 4321 Method®’s Body Camp delivers the edge you need to surpass your own goals, surpass your competition and achieve more than you thought possible. We believe it is the most important 2 hours that you could dedicate to your success as it delivers practical and relevant tools for you to apply to your life, today!

Edge Ahead


The purpose for starting the Body Camp came from the realisation that we need to approach health and fitness from a new angle. There are 1000’s of different health and fitness programmes out there, many of which are excellent, but too many people are still struggling to succeed.


The drop off rate from any health and fitness programme is incredibly high. Too many men and women spend a lifetime struggling with their weight and health, constantly stopping and starting a new regime. This comes from focusing too much on the process and not enough on the purpose.



The Body Camp specialises in looking at the purpose behind the process. The process can be purchased by following a pre written programme or following a diet plan, but the purpose has to come from you. We help you find it, focus on it and stick with it until success is the only option!

On the day.

The day is split into 3 sections: Building a strong mindset and setting you up for success; taking a fresh look at exercise and what it can do for you and simplifying nutrition to match your goals. The whole day is interactive and not a seminar format.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for anyone that wants to edge ahead of the competition. Whether it be personal goals, business goals or sports specific, we firmly believe that a strong mindset, clear head and strong body put you in the best position to smash your goals and edge ahead of the rest!

What will you get out of it?

Success. Success is not reserved for certain individuals, it is within all of us. The key to it is finding the driving force behind it, the purpose, identifying the right process to help you get there and building the belief  and confidence that you can do it.




A small group Body Camp might be a group of friends, family or work colleagues that would like to make changes together and is an ideal scenario for many people starting out. It allows you to learn and take part within a setting that you are comfortable with. These can take place in someone’s home, a local hall or workplace.


Price: £350 total for 12 people or less.


Much more than a health and wellness at work campaign. It is about harnessing the skills of your workforce and helping them reach their maximum potential. The techniques we apply we learnt from working with professional tennis players and benefits include:

  • Heightened ambition
  • Stronger self discipline
  • Improved team work
  • Greater self confidence
  • Measurable goal setting

Success is something that professional athletes know all about and we want to bring that mindset to the corporate world. Contact us for tailored packages.



Aimed at helping you gain a competitive advantage in your sport of choice. The Body Camp was developed from a strong sporting background and we are incredibly passionate about the benefits that sports clubs can be gain by working on a winning mindset, putting in the correct preparation for success and identifying and improving weaknesses within the body.

If you are lacking that winning edge in your sports club, this might just help you get it! Contact us to discuss tailored packages.

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