FAQ: What snacks can I have?

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Snacking Made Simple

One of the areas I get asked the most about is snacking. It can be difficult to know what to snack on or when, but let’s be honest the real questions is, “can I have the sort of snack that I really want??” Be it chocolate, a biscuit or a slice of cake, of course we can squeeze in the odd goodie! Let me tell you how I balance it out.

Nuts & Raisin Mix!


On a daily basis my snack options consist of fruit, fruit and greek yogurt, nuts, raisins, oatcakes and dark chocolate. Of course, there are lots of other good snack choices available, but these are just ones that I enjoy. I tend to stay away from natural snack bars because, even though they are handy, they can still be very high in calories.


Fresh strawberries and greek yogurt topped with sunflower seeds. It tastes as good as it looks!

I am partial to the odd treat though, who isn’t? The key is that I make sure my choices for meals and snacks is healthy and natural the majority of time, then if I fancy something different, I can have it. I know the word balance is not very exciting, but creating a balance is the reality and it works.


Oatcakes and banana…Yum!

The other biggest piece of advice I can give is to identify the treats you really enjoy and separate them from the ones that you eat as part of a routine or just because they are there. At first it may not seem like there is a difference, but if you look closely there will be one. When I was changing my diet, I cut out all treats and very quickly it became clear which ones I missed and which ones I didn’t. Alcohol was something that I did not miss at all, but I did miss something sweet now and again. Therefore, I always have some dark chocolate in the cupboard in case I want some and I have made room in my diet for it. Drinking on the other hand is something I only really do on occasion now and I am happy with that.

The results may well be different for you and that is cool, whether it be a treat in the staff room, a cup of tea and a biscuit or a drink with friends, identify which you would really like to keep as part of your routine and make room for it. It will be difficult to make room for something daily, unless the quantity is very low, but you should be able to make room for it in some way if you cut out all the other needless treats.


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