FAQ: How do I get rid of fat from a specific area?

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How do I get rid of fat from a specific area?

Unfortunately, we all have some tough spots where most of our excess weight gathers and as you can imagine these are the exact areas that everyone wants to shift. In fact this may be the question I am asked the very most, “how do I get rid of this excess weight?” as the client almost always pinches the relevant area. Therefore, is it possible to reduce fat from a specific area?

The simple answer is no, unfortunately we are no more in control of where we lose fat from as we are where it goes on. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to improve how a specific area looks. Lets focus on the back of the arms for a moment as this is often a tough spot for a lot of people to reduce fat. Reducing overall fat in this area can only come from fat loss brought about by eating well and exercising regularly, so whilst an exercise like tricep dips will not help reduce the overall fat, it can help the area look better.


Tricep dips and any other targeted exercise will help tone up a specific area by building up the muscles. The benefit of this is that the back of the arms will not only feel stronger but, most importantly, look better as the more muscle mass we have in a certain area the tighter the area looks and feels, reducing the wobble and lack of definition associated with excess fat. Therefore, even without reducing fat, you will feel better about the problem area.


So if fat loss is your overall goal I would still always recommend prioritising exercises that burn the most calories like heavy squats and lunges or interval training, but if you do want to work on a specific area then you can also add in some targeted exercises. Also, just remember that the most effective way to lose fat from anywhere in the body is to alter your diet. Without making those dietary changes you will not see the overall results that you want.



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