FAQ: Will lifting weights make me bulky?

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Will lifting weights make me bulky?

This question has been asked and answered many times over the last few years and despite the insistence that weights wont make you bulky, there is still some reluctance to believe it. The reason for this reluctance is because we regularly see guys or gals in the gym lifting weights and, indeed, bulking out. So, therefore, if they are getting bulky then we worry that it will happen to us too. Well, of course, it can, but there are some pretty specific reasons why they are getting bulky and you wont.


Any man or women in the gym that is bulking up is doing so deliberately. They are following a set training programme, following a strict set of rules with their nutrition and, depending on the sort of results they want, taking additional supplements. Their results are not happening by accident, they are the direct result of planning, specific training and, of course, commitment. It is also a process that takes an incredible amount of time and involves assessment, monitoring and adaptation of their programme, both in the gym and with nutrition, as they go along. I think, perhaps, most people underestimate how difficult it is to achieve these results and that is where the misconception arises.


The average gym goer will not see these results simply because they are not training for them. Most people that lift weights 2-3 times a week will find they lose weight, feel stronger and will also see some definite muscle definition, or ‘toning’ as many like to call it. This is generally the results they are looking for so their training is spot on. Having said that, some people start lifting weights and do not want to see really any muscle definition appearing at all. I have worked with many runners, in particular, and also some women who do not particularly want to see any muscles, they just want to be slim. That is absolutely their prerogative and whilst I would always recommend everyone does some resistance training due to health and physical benefits, I cannot disagree with how anyone wants to look aesthetically, that is absolutely their decision. However, it would wrong to suggest that they were ‘getting bulky’ and I think this is perhaps another issue. Some people start to see a little muscle definition and assume they are beginning to bulk up, so want to stop. The circumference of their arms or legs will be no greater than before though, in fact it will likely be smaller, but it will simply look different.


Definitely not bulky!

Therefore, when deciding on the best programme to follow it is important to decide specifically on your goals and training accordingly for them. If you do want to bulk up you need to follow an appropriate programme to do that, but if you simply want to lose weight, look leaner and feel stronger then I would still advice following a programme but I wouldn’t worry about getting too bulky, it just wont happen, unless you want it to. 


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