Is HIIT training the best for fat loss?

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In January fat loss is high on the agenda for most of us so naturally we want to know what is the most efficient way to burn those extra festive calories. In recent years HIIT training has been hailed as the premium exercise method for fat loss and for good reason! 15-30 minutes of HIIT training will get our heart pumping and keep our metabolism burning calories long after we have stopped working out. However, does that mean it is better than all the rest?

The simple answer is not particularly. Lifting heavy weights at a slow and controlled pace will burn plenty of calories as will endurance running, cycling or swimming. In fact some these sports will burn far more calories than a 20 minute HIIT session, however we will need to do them for longer than 20 minutes and this is the key factor. HIIT training allows us to maximise calorie burn in the shortest time. So if we have just 20 minutes to train we should always opt for HIIT training, but if we have an hour to train then we are best to use the full hour do some endurance sport or do some resistance training with a small portion of HIIT at the very end. We will always burn more calories the longer we are active in the day regardless of the type of exercise. HIIT simply allows us to get the most out of the little time that we might have.


There is no single solution to fat loss though. HIIT training should just be part of our training programme but then so should resistance training and endurance training. They should all be part of a closely followed programme that ensures we keep progressing and, therefore, keep maximising calorie burn. Doing the same type of training over and over again will unavoidably lead to us plateauing and no one wants that!


Finally, the most important factor when it comes to fat loss is always, always, always nutrition. Without the correct nutrition no training programme will ever be as effective as we would like. So this 2018, if fat loss is high on the agenda then the key is getting nutrition right and following a training programme that includes HIIT training but not exclusively.

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