Jim hall of fame

Jim Lunney

Jim has always been a natural athlete, but that does not mean he has not worked incredibly hard to reach the Hall of Fame! Huge CONGRATULATIONS to him for this achievement and for that wall walk!

I'm a very old man. Had played a fair amount of team sport till my late 30's and assumed fitness endured without effort. How wrong I was. Having seen the level of fitness my wife was attaining working under Nadia's tutelage, I was eventually persuaded to join in; the best decision I've made in a long time. The routine of dread, followed by exquisite pain then endorphin happiness is a great way to start the day. On this journey I have wondered what sort of person thought of v sit-ups, donkey kicks, star press ups, to say nothing of one arm one leg planks. I doubt I would have completed the course without Nadia's enthusiasm and encouragement. Who among us doesn't love the words ' Hi welcome to the 4321 method' I'm delighted to have completed the Master stage and look forward to whatever comes next.

What have you enjoyed the most about the Signature Collection?


A big plus is exercising at home. This makes a fitness routine quickly accessible in contrast to having overcome the additional hurdle travelling to a gym. I also prefer working alone albeit with Nadia's dulcet tones ensuring that you keep up the pace. I appreciate the logical progression of the exercises, building a sense of achievement as more difficult movements are mastered, sometimes. There is also the benefit of Nadia's demonstration of correct techniques so that you don't waste effort on inefficient movements. Pre-Nadia, my attempts at getting fit have been categorised by brief periods of unstructured perspiration followed by the guilt of inactivity. The fact of completing the Master stage speaks for itself as to the effectiveness of Nadia's regime although I don't take back a single expletive I have shouted at her cheery face on the videos.


If you think back to when you started what would you say has been your biggest achievement or improvement?


Increased fitness and recovery times. A sense of wellbeing. Better flexibility and posture. best of all smaller waist size. Also enjoy asking friends how many press ups they can do. I know, hubris is unattractive.


What would you still like to work on?


Whatever Nadia tells me to do.

What would be your advice to anyone currently doing the programme to help them stay on track?


Make the exercise part of a daily routine, it helps if you can exercise at the same time. Think of how good you feel when you exercise and contrast that to the feeling you must endure if you miss a session.


What would you say to anyone thinking about starting?


Don't think about it a moment longer jump in and get started, the benefits will be much greater than you imagine.

Are you next?