Pat Lunney

CONGRATULATIONS to Pat for all her incredible hard work over the past year! Lets hear what she thought of the Signature Collection, but first lets admire that cossack squat!! Awesome!

At 62 years old I can say I've been involved n many fitness fads. This ranges from sports like golf to Zumba and nearly everything in between. I can honestly say Nadia's Method is a regime that I have maintained now for about 4 years if not longer. Every stage is challenging, and what a sense of achievement to have completed the master section!

What have you enjoyed the most about the Signature Collection?


The Signature Collection has taken me from a poor level of fitness to feeling better than I have in years. Each stage follows on gradually from the previous one and allows you to get to grips with the more challenging moves before going forward. I always found in fitness classes it was driven by the trainer and not your own abilities. Signature Collections allows you to perfect your moves with no tension.


If you think back to when you started what would you say has been your biggest achievement or improvement?


Recovery time between cardio sessions has definitely improved. Also, I've noticed a huge difference in my flexibility. It's quite amazing to look back and remember what you couldn't do and now what you've achieved. The transition from a simple squat to a cossack squat then to a pistol squat is phenomenal.


What would you still like to work on?


More of the same. Body resistance, cardio and flexibility exercises to help everything along.


What would be your advice to anyone currently doing the programme to help them stay on track?


I found it really helpful to choose the same time of day to "do a Nadia". When I was working I got up earlier and it became part of my morning routine. This has continued into my retirement. I got to the stage where I would get annoyed with myself if I missed a session. You really get a kick when you've completed your morning routine and can face the day smugly.


What would you say to anyone thinking about starting?


To be honest, don't be put off thinking you won't manage it. Nadia has worked out a very comprehensive programme which is tailored to the individual's abilities. Unlike busy classes you can't feel as if you're falling behind or get embarrassed by being unable to complete an exercise. Nadia's demonstrations are brilliant.

Are you next?