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The 4321 Method

A method for a healthy lifestyle, guided by online personal trainer Nadia.


To inspire you to be your number 1!

The 4321 Method® is the secret weapon everyone needs to conquer their health, fitness and personal goals. Our unique formula of keeping training and nutrition simple and convenient, whilst supporting and motivating people to focus on being their number 1, allows us to deliver incredible long term results.


Workouts a week


Healthy meals a day


Healthy snacks a day


Be your number 1!

The 4321 Method® not only helps people lose weight, but also maximises the health, aesthetics and overall performance of their body. And crucially, by keeping our Method® simple, we are able to prioritise driving consistency, building confidence and delivering ongoing motivation. The three cornerstones for success!

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At The 4321 Method® our biggest passion is helping people to reach their full potential. Be your number 1 is not just a slogan, it stands for everything that we work towards.

Be Your Number One

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